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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


by Charles Frederickson and Saknarin Chinayote

Global aim should be to
Keep civilization from destroying itself
Overcoming white man’s notion he’s
Less savage than other creatures

Overdeveloped egotistical rich becoming richer
Hapless helpless poor becoming poorer
All species not treated equally
Myopic justice failing colorblind test

Books hardcover carriers of civilization
Extolling knowledge wisdom freethinking mindsets
Outlandish insight progressive aesthetic sensibility
Trusted friends companions tutors mentors

Say Yes aiding unnatural tempests
Floods earthquakes volcanoes tsunamis tornadoes
Rejecting all forms of violence
Tolerating eccentricities respecting dignified uniqueness

War is brutal inhumane blood-letting
Say No to out-of-control handguns
Lethal weapons of mass destruction
Poisonous gases nuclear biological arsenals

Peace as essential to existence
As polluted air we breathe
Friendly persuasion agreeing to disagree
Preserving ethical moral aesthetic values

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