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Sunday, April 26, 2020


by Marsha Owens

Residents protest a stay-at-home order outside the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on April 20, 2020. Photo from Twitter/@costareports

Jesus is my vaccine
the sign on the green
pickup read

i bowed my head
apologies offered
to jesus
who must feel awful
about his flock
of fools, pumping
tattooed arms
swastikas center stage
in this show entitled
Needahaircut Now!

and that Jesus guy
could be anywhere
in this picture, perhaps
in a vial over there

amid the cute little
red show filling streets,
circle the wagons, fire inward
a poor business tactic, sure
but first the frail must fall.
a modest proposal.

Marsha Owens lives and writes in Richmond, VA. Her writing has appeared in print publications, including The Huffington Post, Wild Word Anthology, The Sun, and online at TheNewVerse.News, Poets Reading the News, Rat’s Ass Review, and Rise Up Review. She is a co-editor of the poetry anthology, Lingering in the Margins.