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Thursday, March 11, 2021


by Katie Chicquette

I steal moments
scribble on scraps
pretend I am writing
a reminder, recording
the test start-time,
but really it’s this
poem, stolen line by line
from the time we’ve stolen
from them as they fill
in bubbles with something
we pretend is truth

every bubble a stolen moment
to sleep     to heal         to skate
to work     to laugh       or cry
or eat        or breathe    to reboot
retreat       recreate    

every line of this poem 
a string or scrap
a robin steals 
to build a nest

Katie Chicquette is an alternative education teacher in Appleton, Wisconsin. Her work has appeared in various journals and local publications, including Poets Reading the News, Riggwelter, Bramble, Wallopzine, and Mothers Always Write. She’s fortunate to be surrounded by so many active poets in Wisconsin. Contact her at k.chicquette.adams<at>