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Monday, October 25, 2021


by Judy Juanita

I am 100% behind you baby girl
Behind your superb black ass
Behind your exponential black ass
Behind all the big black women
We who are BeyBey
We who are BeyBey's kids
We who raised BeyBey
Who raised BeyBey's babies and babydaddies
We behind you Lizzo

Show that ass
Put that ass on the Lakers scoreboard
For the world to see
Your big fat cocoa ass
As important for the world to see as 
Emmett Till's bludgeoned face
"Let them see what they did to my boy
Let the world see what they did to my boy"

Let us worship Lizzo
That's right—Bow down
Before her big black ass 
Before her big black booty
Not injected into her backside by a Dominican doctor
Not leaking formaldehyde into her veins clotting her heart
Killing one more big fat implacable life
Fuck Brazilian butt lifts
Fuck the strip clubs that hire the women
Who pay with their very life for butts
That sit high on their hips
21st century Venus Hottentots
Fuck the only way these women will earn $2,000 a night $3,000 a night $4,000 a night
Instead of working at  Walmart
(Yeah yeah yeah do the math $15@ hr. times 30 hrs a week so they don't have to give them health benefits. That's $450 a week, $1800 a month, the living wage that Biden is fighting for? Get real. You'd hop on a plane to the Dominican Republic, leak silicone all over the seats armrests tray tables too for a big black ass a big black ass)

Lizzo's black ass is worth gold
Diamonds and Gucci
In the belly of the beast 
Same place where
Lizzo's Army yeah
A black only army for the descendants of Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskegee Airmen 
A big black beautiful army whose big black unbleached asshole emits the noxious gases called life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Same place where corner stores have filled those asses for decades with hostess twinkies butterfingers koolaid fruit loops sodas hogmaw and chitlins hot links potato salad macaroni and cheese sweet potato pie (BeyBey's son the athlete/personal trainer says with disgust, Ma, this is carbo overload, but eats at the christmas table because he too worships Lizzo once a year)

We love you Lizzo
Our anti-Lady Godiva
Our anti-Kardashian
Our anti-American

Miss America?
You're the missing America
The antidote to self-loathing
You had to be huge
In our face
All over the place
You are the dream deferred no more
You cannot be invisible
You will not live underground
Not one more day

Lizzo our Lizzo
Lizzo Lizzo Lizzo Lizzo Lizzo
You is You is You is
America the beautiful.

Judy Juanita's book of poetry Manhattan my ass, you're in Oakland won the 2021 American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation. Her short story collection The High Price of Freeways won the Tartt Fiction Award and will be published by the University of West Alabama's Livingston Press in 2022. Het debut novel Virgin Soul was published by Viking in 2014.