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Thursday, October 07, 2021


by Tricia L. Somers
“All the People—Oppressed by Black Cloud,” 1982, by Evelyn Williams

Under the rubble
Our loved ones, homes, and any kind of hope
We’ve been robbed
by a criminal we cannot see
Our loved ones killed and already buried
We are victims of this Climate Crime Catastrophe

Under a bridge
Huddled with our scared children
Our faith has been shaken
and our babies are still...shaking
Invite the world to witness your humanity
Anxious and jittery awaiting a fleeting glimpse
Like an endangered species or already extinct

Under hooves and cracking whip
We find ourselves in seeking but a mere chance
Have us to walk over your bridges
Only in shame do you chase us away
You don’t necessarily need an earthquake
for your country to crumble away

Tricia L. Somers can be found at Outlaw Poetry, Milk Carton Blog, and the upcoming Rat’s Ass Review for Winter 2021. Also the semi-annual print journal The American Dissident includes poetry, essays and debates with the editor, who is known to be somewhat testy. Issues 41 and upcoming 42.