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Tuesday, January 31, 2023


by Ann E. Wallace

Tell me about Tyre Nichols.
I don’t have any information
about Tyre Nichols as a person 
or a notable public figure.
Can you provide more context 
or details about who Tyre is 
or what you’re looking for?
Tell me about Tyre’s life.
Skateboarding appeals to young men
for several reasons:
Skateboarding provides 
a sense of freedom. 
Tell me more.
Photographing sights of beauty within the city can be
a creative and rewarding hobby for young men.
Here are some reasons why:
     Creative outlet
     Social engagement
     Personal growth
Photography can help young men 
develop new perspectives, as they learn 
to see the world through a lens 
and express themselves.
Tell me about Tyre’s pain.
Crohn’s disease 
is a type of inflammatory bowel 
Symptoms include: 
     Rectal bleeding
     Weight loss
Assault, such as being punched
or kicked, can cause intense physical pain,
further exacerbating these symptoms.
Tell me about his heart.
Parenting a 4-year can be both rewarding
and challenging. 
     Encourage independence.
     Foster creativity.
     Set boundaries. 
     Encourage physical activity. 
     Promote language development. 
     Use positive reinforcement. 
     Show affection.
     Be patient.
To help a 4-year old grieve
     Be honest
     Keep the memory alive
     Take care of yourself
To help a mother grieve
    Respect her feelings
    Be patient

Tell me.
To help a nation heal
    Address the root causes
    Encourage reconciliation
    Encourage action
These steps are not exhaustive.
Process your emotions
Seek information
Take action
Stay informed
Practice Self Care.
Please tell me something about Tyre.
In Memphis, the sunsets in January 
are usually beautiful, 
a stunning display of warm
and vibrant colors.
The angle of the sun 
is lower in the sky,
which can result in longer
and more dramatic sunsets 
as the sun takes longer
to dip below the horizon.

Author’s noteI composed this poem by curating language from the AI platform ChatGPT's responses to a series of questions (not exclusively those in the poem) about Tyre Nichols. ChapGPT, an incredibly powerful artificial intelligence resource that has been touted as able to handle the most complex challenges, cannot begin to capture who Tyre Nichols was and what his life meant. It fails, just like humans so often do, to measure a life.

Ann E. Wallace is Poet Laureate of Jersey City, NJ, where she is an English Professor at New Jersey City University. Her work has appeared in The New Verse News, Huffington Post, Wordgathering, Gyroscope Review, and many other journals. Her published work is available online at and on Instagram @annwallace409.