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Monday, May 06, 2024


by Ángel de Saavedra, the 3rd Duke of Rivas (Spain, 1792–1865)
translation by Julie Steiner

Op-Comic: “The dangerous job of running with the former president” by Ward Sutton

Rarely crack a book—or don’t at all—
and keep your grasp of law at newbie level.
Be cocky. Without limit, lie and grovel
and get your callow self to the capital. 

Persuade some rag to host the views you scrawl;
become an ocean of extremist cavil,
and hone your way with words, which few can rival,
in coffeehouse or jingos’ meeting hall.

Get on the city council first, then slide
into the legislature, to finesse
your recognition at a steady rate.

Have no firm faith; just join whichever side
has greatest cause to hope they’ll meet success,
and soon you’ll see yourself the head of state.

por el Duque de Rivas, Ángel de Saavedra y Ramírez de Baquedano

Estudia poco o nada, y la carrera
acaba de abogado en estudiante,
vete, imberbe, a Madrid, y, petulante,
charla sin dique, estafa sin barrera.

Escribe en un periódico cualquiera;
de opiniones extremas sé el Atlante
y ensaya tu elocuencia relevante
en el café o en junta patriotera.

Primero concejal, y diputado
procura luego ser, que se consigue
tocando con destreza un buen registro;

no tengas fe ninguna, y ponte al lado

que esperanza mejor de éxito abrigue,
y pronto te verás primer ministro.

One of the plays written by poet and dramatist Ángel de Saavedra y Ramírez de Baquedano, the 3rd Duke of Rivas (Spain, 1792 – 1865) was the source of Francesco Maria Piave’s libretto for Verdi’s 1862 opera La forza del destino.

Julie Steiner is a pseudonym in San Diego, California. Besides The New Verse News, the venues in which Julie's poetry has appeared include The Able Muse Review, Rattle, Light, and The Asses of Parnassus.