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Saturday, July 29, 2006


by Casey Lee Cobb

A psychological social path, stuttering and stammering down well worn paths, of presidential prose.

Yet wavering, inconsistently, from the traditional norms, divisively emulating a civil right’s foes.

The masses look on with eyes glazed over, like donuts, doing nothing, hearing nothing, seeing nothing.

Nothing but doublespeak, doublethink, enshrouded into a message projection of patriotic bellyfeel.

Jellyfish! you could call them sheeple, you could call them asleep, or don’t call on them at all.

For if they are all just a lost cause, that cannot hear beyond the propaganda, we will certainly fall.

Casey Lee Cobb dedicates this poem (© 2006) to George Orwell, and his impeccable foresight, that the world ignored. Cobb adds. "Bloggers are the hackers of the corrupted main stream mediocratic monopoly. Our mission is truth, our numbers are many, and we are taking back the control of the public mind. Liberating it from those whom peddle complacency, conformity, and ignorance. This is our mission and not one of us can do it alone. Join us!"