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Sunday, July 23, 2006


by Charles Frederickson

Declaring uncivil war against itself
Deadbeat planet willing aborted ceasefire
Outlandish sour milk viscid honey
Rareripe fruit that never rots

In cradled manger of humanity
Unholy mount overcast with melancholy
Olive branches lose vitality shrivel
Pitted hatred versus brotherly love

Arab to Zionist alphabet soup
Hearty mock chicken cure-all broth
Promissory covenant best perused backwards
Without rear view mirror hindsight

Desert oases shifting quicksand mirages
Hourglass overturned wishing well poisoned
Forced Exodus in reverse cave-in
Separate passage burrowing ant tunnels

Ordinary miracles hoodwink heretical believers
Wandering tribes misplaced not lost
Parted salty rivers neatly folded
Crossover bridges feathery snow fantasies

Inflicting revenge with nationalistic fervor
Razor wired perimeters off limits
Giants in miniature stonewalling stalls
Suppose world ends so what

Dr. Charles Frederickson is a Swedish-American pragmatic idealist, chronic optimist and heretical believer who has wandered intrepidly through 206 countries, an original sketch and poetic impression for each presented on Having spread rejuvenated roots and wings in Thailand, the past year has been devoted to providing volunteer comfort and supportive relief to children and families affected by the tsunami. 100+ publications on 5 continents.