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Saturday, April 21, 2007


by Mary Saracino

Peace to children around the world
of every hue and nation;
peace to mothers who bring forth life
and nurture us through sorrow;
peace to fathers who understand
that war is not an answer;
peace to blossoms, birds, and bees,
to rivers flowing outward;
peace to verdant fields of grain
that feed us and sustain us;
peace to trees and peace to sky,
may we be vigilant stewards;
peace to women and to men
who seek to mend our planet;
peace in our hearts and peace in our souls,
our blood, our breath, our babies;
peace to those who dare to trod
the path less-often traveled,
who lend their hearts, their sweat,
their tears to healing all that’s broken;
peace to you and peace to me,
may we dance each day to the Mystery
and sing out loud with voices strong
of peace and love and mercy.

Mary Saracino is a novelist, memoir writer, and poet who lives in Denver, CO. Her newest novel, The Singing of Swans, was recently named a Lambda Literary Award finalist in the Spirituality category.