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Friday, April 13, 2007


by Charles Frederickson

                    15 million stateless and counting
               Global population shifts forced migration
          Homeless pigeons tossed stale crumbs
     No win impasse future tense

Hordes of disenfranchised nobody cares
     Hidden away in cobwebbed corners
          Prey hanging by single thread
               No recourse to hang onto

                    Dysfunctional loving families torn asunder
               Betrayed innocence toddlers self-help crawlers
          Disadvantaged youth deprived of childhood
     No man’s land trespassers forbidden

Caught in limbo borderline standoff
     Teeming swarm mass poverty survivors
          Begging for mercy leftover discards
               No place to be somebody

                    Bittersweet tainted lifeblood turned sour
               Indigent workers banished from hive
          None of anybody’s business honeycombs
     No job prospects sticky wickets

Without citizenship basic needs unmet
     Overturned slippery welcome mats yanked
          In denial repatriation fearsome threat
               Nowhere to call own home

Dr. Charles Frederickson is a Swedish-American-Thai pragmatic optimist, idealistic visionary and heretical believer who has wandered intrepidly through 206 countries, an original sketch and poem for each presented on This maverick e-gadfly is a member of World Poets Society, based in Greece, with 200+ poetry publication credits on 6 continents, such as: angelfire, Ascent Aspirations, Auckland Poetry, bc supernet, Blind Man’s Rainbow, Both Sides Now, Caveat Lector, Cordite Poetry Review, Dance to Death, Decanto, Eclipse, Flutter Magazine, Greatworks, Green Dove, Indite Circle, International Poet, Listen & Be Heard, Living Poets, Madpoetry, Melange, Newtopia, Planet Authority, Poetisphere, Poetry Canada, Poetry of Scotland, Poetry Stop, Poets for Peace, Poetry Superhighway, Pyramid, Sage of Consciousness, Stellar Showcase, Subtle Tea, Sz, The Smoking Poet, T-zero, Ya’Sou! Ygdrasil, Zafusy.