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Saturday, April 14, 2007


by Chris Vierck

IMUST remember not to be a royal pig,
wearing a cowboy hat inside to cover my wig,
cuz it puts me somewhere level with don king
when I want to the the mafioso don.... of zings!

IMUST, IMUST, IMUST be freaking insane,
quick, give me somebody else to w/rap with blame.
IMUST remember not to be so old and crappy!
IMUST remember to use happy, instead of nappy,
IMUST remember to use soul, instead of ho,
Check this out to make sure just how it flows....
that team sure is a bunch of happy headed souls!

IMEAN, I-MEAN, I-MUST plead the 5th
I told a silly lil', funny lil' joke that missed
true, my mama told me not to grow up this way
but I just snarled at her aside, and said hey!
you silly, frumpy headed degenerate crone,
it's my mouth, my tongue, my style, my tone
get away from me with that bar of soap!
so what if I talk like a freaking dope?
if people really hated my darned show

they'd.... turn the dials on their radios.

(Ah, for the days it was all about Anna Nicole!)

Chris Vierck is a poet who lives and writes in North Carolina.