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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


by David W. Rushing

I recently learned a fascinating bit of information,
which you too may find interesting
and one day be able to use.

It goes like this—
in the field of psychiatry,
psychologists and psychiatrists often categorize
certain people
as being what they call either Tier One or Tier Two

Tier One is made up of the mentally ill;
however, the mentally ill can very often,
through therapy, medication, or twelve-step programs,
become much healthier and perhaps even “cured.”

But the bane of civilization is those
who belong to Tier Two—the emotionally disturbed.

These are the cruel and misbegotten,
the wicked and unconscionable.

And there are four things about them
that behoove the rest of us to remember.
According to just about every expert in the field,
Tier Two people:

1) Can never, ever be changed, reformed, or “cured.”
2) Love to hide.
(They hate, more than anything else,
to be recognized for what they really are
and for others to call that out publicly.)
3) More often than not, were never abused
sexually, mentally, physically, or emotionally.
(It’s as if they were simply born bad.)
4) Are frequently brilliant and charming.

And so one day, when you meet some intelligent,
charismatic individual
(either male or female),
keep in mind that you may be merely meeting an
intelligent, charismatic individual.

But also remember that you may be talking to a rapist,
child molester, serial murderer,
or the future president of the United States.

David W. Rushing's articles and poems have appeared in over 100 magazines. His two chapbooks are "Unrequited Love, Unfinished Lives" and "Appearances," and his first work of non-fiction prose will be out in the summer of 2008.