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Friday, June 29, 2007


A Doggerel Befitting the Subject
After Rodgers and Hammerstein

by Earl J. Wilcox

I went to DC City on a Sunday
By Monday I learned a thing or two,
But up till then I didn’t have an idea
Of what Mr. Cheney was comin to.
I counted twenty subpoenas on just Monday alone
‘Most every paper I saw said he’d got another one.
Then when I turned on the tee vee
It sounded like he was refusin’
to still be the USA’s V-P!
Good Lord! Good Lord! What next?

Everything’s up to date in DC City.
Cheney’s gone about as fer as he can go.
He went and said he’s not goin’ to toe
The line no more, not even tell anyone
What else he has in store…

He’s gone about as fer as he can go, yes sir,
He’s gone about as far as he can go.

The Demos say they’ll cut off his money
if he don’t tell all about his many deals
Then he up and says he’ll never give in, honey,
And as for the information--they’ll just have to steal.

He’s gone about as fer as he can go, yes sir,
He’s gone about as fer as he can go.

Earl J. Wilcox founded The Robert Frost Review, which he edited for more than a decade. His poetry was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.