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Thursday, November 22, 2007


PoeArtry by Charles Frederickson

DEbate dangling from rusty hook
    Squirming worms champing sound bytes
        Big fish eat small fry
            DEvouring lines & sinkers swallowed whole

DEcoy shysters lame duck quacks
    Almost Live Larry King DEvotees
        “I may not always be
            Right but I’m never wrong”

DEbrief Obamama bananana split bikini
    Topless baby oil massage message
        DEbunked mud wrestling off-key slingalong
            Who’s taking dirty dancing lead

DEcay to tell the tooth
    False dentures stale breath Hillarytosis
        Flip-flop foragainst DEbacle true lies
            Double-faced coin supporting both sides

DEfrosting chill-out heat turned up
    Halliburton riggers siphoning off gas
        Oily motive foul-ups spin-off follow-ups
            Attention to budget DEficit disorder

DEfeat Bigfoot shoes to fill
    Wonky donkey party feud wannabes
        Sock it to DEfamed GOP-GAP
            DEliberating DEciding DEmanding DElivering D.C.

Dr. Charles Frederickson: Name: D. Mentor Stan Doubt; Nickname: Nun; Address: Genial Devilry State of Denial; Zip: B9-1-1; Phone: Taco Bell; Faxhole: telepathetic moonsense UFOcult; Sexile: manimal; He-male: e-diot dot commie; vagabondAge: Ironic; Blood: Taipei; Vision: 20-20-20; Religion: Born Against trance-incidental Vegetation; Education: U-Nique BSer IV Leak Overachiever; Major: Mickey Mouse Pad Commuter Séance; Club Memberships: A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA; Special Abilities: Unmentionable Listless Hypist; halluciDate: Blind Man’s Bluff TGIF.