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Friday, November 09, 2007


poeArtry by Charles Frederickson

Republi-guns coming out smoking crackpots
    Shooting from Lip-GOP Hip-hop Flip-flops
        Bent straight mavericks gunning for
            Oval Orifice Reagan stingray-gun wannabes

Cross-dresser skirting ex-ex-wife swap conflicts
    Briefly married to own Superego
        Photo oops windblown hairless comb-overs
            Cell phone set-up delusional fake-believe

Two positions on every issue
    Stem rethinking cells NRA inductee
        Ex-pro/anti-gay pro-choice pro-life crock hunter
            Dithering reborn-again Mormon Osmonds endorsed

Ham what am role-playing gigs
    Ex-senator D.A. caveman presidential stand-in
        Titanic victim lifeboat sprung leak
            Hot wife cheerleader mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Camp-pain hemorrhaging dollars cents-less broke
    Overgrown Beach Boy belittling jerk
        Gagging on Chelsea – Janet gibes
            Bombing Iraq is no joke

Bush-league Cheney gang swift boating
    Exploiting 9/11 for political gain
        White elephants jumping through loopholes
            Ameri-neocon XS hypocrisy hang Right

Dr. Charles Frederickson. Name: D. Mentor Stan Doubt; Nickname: Nun; Address: Genial Devilry State of Denial; Zip: B9-1-1; Phone: Taco Bell; Faxhole: telepathetic moonsense UFOcult; Sexile: manimal; He-male: e-diot dot commie; vagabondAge: Ironic; Blood: Taipei; Vision: 20-20-20; Religion: Born Against trance-incidental Vegetation; Education: U-Nique BSer IV Leak Overachiever; Major: Mickey Mouse Pad Commuter Séance; Club Memberships: A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA; Special Abilities: Unmentionable Listless Hypist; halluciDate: Blind Man’s Bluff TGIF.