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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Poeartry by Charles Frederickson & Saknarin Chinayote

Hoarse race strep deep throat
     Putrefactive septic grating sore loser
          Badverteasement messages aloe massaging egos
               Off-track bettor or worse tri(per)fecta

               Hallohaha Obamama surf’s up Dude
          Also-ran soaking defeat sucking lozenges
     Now I lei me downhearted
Hillary grass skirting hip-hop hula-ti-da

Lone Star Wacko Taxes AlaMode
     Oil’s unwell high nonoonon NO-OK
          Filly versus stud final stretch
               Unbranded maverick bucking broncobuster odds

               Rodeohio courting unconventional stupor delegates
          Cracked Liberty Bellwether sheepish cashtration
     IndiePenndense declaring John McCaine Mutiny
Republigun bullets shooting ballot blanks

This Thaidings of Joy PoeArtry visualization was rendered in black & white by Dr. Charles Frederickson, with computer-generated coloration by Saknarin Chinayote. Their website features more than 500 original images and impressions, sketched and scribbled during travels to 206 countries on our fave planet.