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Sunday, February 03, 2008


PoeArtry by Charles Frederickson & Saknarin Chinayote

“Mission Accomplished” in long Run
     Ran into “Mission Impossible” bunkum
          Running amok out of control
               Out of gas misbegotten Run-around

Running on Running in place
     Rings around oval office truthitudes
          Clocks Run fast Runaway time
               Unstoppable existence keeps ononon Running

Engines trains colors stockings Run
     You can Run errands guns
          A temperature rapids the distance
               Rundown Run-out of kismet luck

I-Ran you-Ran he-she-it-Ran TehRanny
     Running scared/sacred Run-off prospects bleak
          Unified Sunni Kurd Shiite coexistence               
               Runagate bullyrag ploticians Running rampant

Easy endgame solutions rarely are
     Ranting Bush-leaguer “Bring ‘em On”
          Hype must hopefully yield to
               Inside-the-park “Bring ‘em HomeRun”

This Thaidings of Joy PoeArtry visualization was rendered in black & white by Dr. Charles Frederickson, with computer-generated coloration by Saknarin Chinayote. Their website features more than 500 original images and impressions, sketched and scribbled during travels to 206 countries on our fave planet.