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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


by Scot Siegel

                         ...and speaking of the pre-apocalyptic age
               can we please rewind to a time
when unicycling

                                             down a mountainside
                              rock-hopping & slaloming
               among the fragrant pines
on a snowy day

was considered
          an acceptable,
                     even heroic,
                        form of

                  ...and rewind to the days of Clinton

in the age
     of sexy surplus,
          luscious transfats,
               and campaign sax riffs...

               a much younger
       and more innocent

though much more robust


in American life

Scot Siegel's recent books include Some Weather (Plain View Press 2008) and the chapbook, Untitled Country (Pudding House Publications 2009). He serves on the board for the Friends of William Stafford.