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Saturday, September 05, 2009


(Obstacles To Health Care Reform #2)
by Scot Siegel

raise your hand if Health Insurance Premiums
Rise by Double-Digits

makes you resent North Dakota
Unemployment Rate Lowest In The Nation

and raise both hands if Ocean Temperatures
Rise Across The Globe
For The Fifth Straight Year

feels oddly familiar

like Galveston Floods Again
or Polar Bears Left Stranded
or Thousands Flee
California Wildfires

and stand up
if Youngest Of Nuremburg
Dies In His Home

makes you long for a time

before Twenty Die
Outside Mosque
In Roadside Blast
Detonated By
A Woman

and take a seat
when [we interrupt to bring you…]

Solar Prominences Active
But Sunspots Conspicuously Absent
According To Scientists
=0 A
At Lowell Observatory

Recession Nearly Over––

Scot Siegel's recent books include Some Weather (Plain View Press 2008) and the chapbook, Untitled Country (Pudding House Publications 2009). He serves on the board for the Friends of William Stafford.