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Monday, April 23, 2012


by Judith Arcana

We sprayed graffiti on our Facebook walls
     tweeted outrage to the websites of senators
marched around our living rooms with Wii
     zapped cyber-petitions to the Pentagon –
some of us phoned in flashmobs; lots of us
     taped everything for You-tube. We were virtually
unstoppable! Actually though, some of us did
     hit the pause button. When sidewalk time
came, hitting the asphalt, fault lines opened
     up along the edges of our keyboards, striking
letters into questions older units used to ask –
     like, to be or not to be – you know that one?
Whether to take arms against a sea of troubles
     and, by opposing, end them? Question is,
is there – I mean, like, now – an app for that?

Judith Arcana writes poems, stories and essays; her books include Grace Paley’s Life Stories, A Literary Biography, the poetry collection What if your mother, and the poetry chapbook 4th Period English. Forthcoming are a poetry chapbook (The Parachute Jump Effect - 2012) and a linked fiction collection (Hello. This is Jane. - when it finds a publisher). Judith lives in an apartment upstairs of her neighborhood library.