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Monday, May 14, 2012


by Joan Mazza

ADEN, May 12 (Reuters) - Two apparent U.S. drone attacks killed at least 10 suspected al Qaeda-linked militants in Yemen on Saturday . . .
Image Source: giftsatpages

The stingless male honeybee, not a worker, is a drone.
Its task of mating is by instinct for this tiny drone.

Outside the screened porch, this year’s carpenter bees
hover, yellow blur, hum of wings a constant drone.

Those years of microbiology lab, each day the same,
like any lab equipment, I was a drudge, a drone.

Scientific research supports flights into unsafe zones.
Don’t send a man when you can send a high tech drone.

In Pakistan, we kill off anyone we think’s a terrorist.
No charges, no trial, no defense, with unmanned drones

guided by laser-like precision, no innocents are killed.
We promise no civilian targets with our advanced drones.

Sitting at computers are those who choose the targets,
decide without emotion who must be victims of our drones.

The newest generation is a stealth technology, small
as a hummingbird or insect, the best of unmanned drones.

Are we just chicken crones, too unmanned to show
our faces? Are we drones who hide behind our drones?

Joan Mazza has worked as a psychotherapist, writing coach, certified sex therapist, and medical microbiologist, has appeared on radio and TV as a dream specialist. She is the author of six books, including Dreaming Your Real Self (Perigee/Putnam). Her work has appeared in Kestrel, Stone’s Throw, Rattle, Writer's Digest, Playgirl, and Writer's Journal. She now writes poetry and does fabric art in rural central Virginia.