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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Poem by Charles Frederickson; Graphic by Saknarin Chinayote 

Ready – Aim – Fired pink slips
Exploding re-loading assault & pepper spray
Cocksure sniper Magnum Eagle silencers
Rifling 99% pension tension massacre


State ovda Onion decrying appeal
Sushi-eating terrorists coddling spineless apologists
Deadbeat crackheads social welfare parasites
Abortion-loving thespians gay-marrying sodomites


Pro-capitalism cronyism claiming Hi-Class NV
Confederate flag waving helium ego-inflation
Waterboarding fear-mongering election-rigging hatriots
Smith & Wesson oily KKKwik-E lubrican’ts.


Religious Reich utterly unholy moo-cows
Whipped cream banning chocolate milk
Born-Again hypo-Christian homogenized Jesusland freaks
Private hotline to Heaven disconnected


God bless John “Duke” Wayne
One-eyed jack professing True Grit
Teflon-coated Charlton “Bonzo” Heston
Ben-Hur delivering Colt-45 Commandments COD


Stop GOParty poopers’ unconvincing justifications
Stale old farts passing gas
Exxon – Mobil – Wal-Mart – Goldman-Sachs – FOX – BP – Chevron
Fouling airwaves poisoning oceans meltdown


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