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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


by David Spicer

Photograph by: Pete Souza , The White House/MCT

When Obama killed Osama
This nation was a blunder
Women loved men and men hated mirrors
Bigots lingered like poison on pot plants
Muggers hovered in alleys of sin and sex
Senators fat or fit or a bit of both
Two phony war thugs dodged a hanging
A cynical runt chose a dimwit diva
Women amassed more money than men
Lackeys of their own balls
Clowns on cable ranting loud nothings
Bombs ticked and exploded
The sky clouded from no answers

I don’t need an Uzi my words will do
Half the damned time
I’m a legend in my mind
I’m a lone wolf motherfucker
Ready to embrace you
With a love song aloft in light

When Obama killed Osama
The country danced a two step
Gas flooded our whiskey-mashed maws
Sheiks’ oil higher than a whiny whore
The world a crooked dick on a limb in purgatory

Obama you killed Osama in his crummy castle
Talk smart shit and slit throats
Like it’s your lonesome hobby
With a noble lie and a cheeky grin
Change the planet like you said you would

Meet me on the mountains
And I’ll sing hello to the sun
The trees stop laughing as I cry out from a rock         
Kiss me in the morning kiss me at night
Say goodbye with a grimace

Obama I’m glad you killed Osama
Be the man I know you are
Then I’ll believe you’re true
Without a mask of skin
A soul free of religion
Guide our light clear of the dusk
With Osama a piss pot full of bones
And a beard to wipe the ass of eternity

Without the golden age
We’re less than nothing
And won’t admit it
Ask yourself why
In the blood-drenched morning
Walk with me Obama
Raise some hell like I know you can

When Obama killed Osama
This country was a blunder

Ask yourself why you preen in private
And kiss the pubes of greed
Like a line of long-gone losers in a haze

Obama you killed Osama
Now you can caw
Like a crow who’s lost his daddy
And beg forgiveness one last time

Oh Obama step on the slope of the blind moon
Crack some whips break some heads
Yell your dos and don’ts when you like
As long as it’s almost now
We’re dying
Show us what you’re made of
After all Obama you killed Osama

Sing me a pardon chant me a prayer Obama
Say hello to the wintertime blues
With a smile of fences
And a charm without chills

Babe  I don’t need an Uzi my words will do
Half the damned time
I’m a legend in my mind
I’m a lone wolf motherfucker
Ready to embrace
A love song in the night

Obama you killed Osama
Whistle why or whistle when
As long as you whistle now
Osama dropping in the dusk
The world a glimmering bit of glitter
For a time until it won’t matter

Nail me on a cross and kill me Obama
It’s now or nothing the play is cast
The clouds will come down crashing
And black will be our favorite color forever

David Spicer is the author of one full-length collection of poems, Everybody Has a Story (St. Luke’s Press) and four chapbooks. His poems have appeared or will appear in The American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Alcatraz, Nitty Gritty, Thunder Sandwich, Mad Rush, Hinchas de Poesia, Crack the Spine, The Used Furniture Review, Spudgun, and many others. He is also the former editor and publisher of raccoon, Outlaw, and Ion Books.