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Tuesday, February 04, 2014


by Michael Brockley

Atlas Shrugged. Trickle down. Glass-Steagall. Laffer curve. Hidden subsidies. Citizens United. Corporate welfare. Cognitive capture. Nickel-and-dime. Incentive bonuses. No-bid contracts. Risk aversion. Safety net. Privatized profits. Efficient markets. Predatory lending. Booms. Busts. Bubbles. Wall Street bailout. Goldman-Sachs. Lehman Brothers. Distributional consequences. Socialized losses. Retention bonuses. Austerity. Sequestration. Gridlock. Middle class. Too big to fail. Entitlement cuts. Right-to-work. Minimum wage. Jobless recovery. Golden parachutes. Too big to jail. Capitalism and Freedom. Moral hazard. Rogue markets. "Curiosities."

Michael Brockley is a school psychologist who works in rural northeast Indiana. Recently, his poems have appeared in The Tipton Poetry Journal, So It Goes, Facing Autism in Muncie and The New Verse News.