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Saturday, February 01, 2014


by Joe Pacheco

Twenty U.S. Kids Hospitalized Each Day for Gun Injuries: Study --HealthDay, January 27, 2014
Image source: LibertyVoice

Suffer the little children unto me
They shall not suffer harm
I will teach them how to read and shoot
And never to disarm.

If Government comes to take their guns
Or regulate their size
They’ll know how to aim and how to shoot
A Fed between the eyes.

They won’t be lilies of the field
Raised by a Liberal code
I’ll teach them to empty out the clip
And quickly to reload.

No need to train and arm the teachers,
If a shooter eludes patrols,
The entire class will rise en masse
And fill him full of holes.

And if some left-wing parents
My teachings dare reject,
The Second Coming and Amendment
Will teach them all respect.

“Love thy neighbor as thy handgun,
Keep both within your reach
And you won’t have to enter heaven soon,”
Is the sermon that I preach.

Suffer the little children unto me,
They’ll see the promised land,
With a Bushmaster in their backpacks
And a Glock in each tiny hand.

Joseph Pacheco is a retired New York City superintendent living on Sanibel Island.  His poetry has been featured several times on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, Latino USA and WGCU. He has performed his poetry with David Amram’s jazz quartet at the Bowery Poets Café and Cornelia Street Café in New York City. He writes a poetry column for the Sanibel Islander and his poetry has appeared in English and Spanish in the News-Press. In 2008 he received the Literary Artist of the Year award from Alliance for the Arts. He has published three books of poetry, The First of the Nuyoricans/Sailing to SanibelAlligator in the Sky and most recently in June, Sanibel Joe’s Songbook.