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Friday, September 25, 2020


by Nan Ottenritter

“The Four Justices” by Nelson Shanks at the National Portrait Gallery.

for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She liked to be inclusive,
provide comfort for everyone,
this woman-loved-by-most
who accomplished-so-much.

She preferred to say way paver over
and I think I know why.

way paver does not part waters;
she lays paver after paver for the journey ahead.
way paver does not construct guardrails
but provides traction, focused action.

way paver builds upon those before,
celebrates those after, serves tea along the way.
And when her journey ends, we sip our warmth,
thankful for this paver’s way. 

Nan Ottenritter is a poet and musician who lives in Richmond, VA.