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Wednesday, January 06, 2021


by George Held

A pro-Trump mob interact with police after storming the US capitol. Photograph: Win McNamee/Getty Images via The Guardian, January 6, 2021

Sure, the Jew-boy and the black preacher
Saved the leftwing bacon in Georgia last night
But they ain’t gonna stuff us back in the dirt
Or the bottle or wherever we came from
To make America great again. We’re white
And proud of it. We’re armed and dangerous,
As the sheriffs’ posters say it, and we might
Have us a little Civil War to settle things,
Only this time we win, ‘cause we’re armed
And dangerous, you bet, and ‘cause
The North is a bunch of mongrel cowards,
So this time we win behind General T****
And with our militia in defense of Red MAGA.
Don’t you play shocked or angry at my words
When you know I’m right: we are gonna’
Win this time and set up our new capital
In Tuscaloosa, where our footballers
Are already Number 1 and we can beat
Any fake students in other uniforms
Like Ohio State or Clemson and be champs
Again. Because the South she is rising
To be great again. We’re red from Texas
To Canada and lots of other states
Between the coasts. So join the movement
While you can and make us great again
Forevermore: in football and politics
And the military we’re the best
And soon we will really rule the roost.

George Held is a longtime contributor to TheNewVerse.News.