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Wednesday, January 06, 2021


by George Salamon

"That 'Triumph of the Will' is a great propaganda film, there is no doubt…”  —Roger Ebert

Watching the 'Save America' rallies
for T***p is a reminder that we cannot
do Fascism the way the Germans did
as was captured in that infamous movie
of the Nazi Party rallies back in 1934.
What we see in Washington is a drab,
rag-tag bunch of stragglers, wannabe
warriors for a stumblebum president
clinging to power, any movie made of
their antics would gather the worst of
reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for any
"Trump of the Will" version of an ism
that may come to America by the ballot
box on petit bourgeois feet instead.

George Salamon wonders if the "It can't happen here" argument about fascism is still heard in faculty lounges and Starbucks coffee houses in the blue areas of America.