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Sunday, January 31, 2021


by Tricia Knoll

Image via Getty Images.

I watched that mob with confederate flags 
use their poles as stabbers. I thought we could never
get beyond this, never heal, and their coiled timbersnake
curled all too ready to deliver poison. Threat 
on glaucous yellow background. 
I thought we would never get beyond this.  
My stomach seized. Like when the towers fell. 
How tear gas billows as if the theater director
called for high-tone smoke and no going home
with a program in my pocket because warplay 
has no script apparent to the watchers 
even if the actors think it does, yell
bad dialogue in murder tones. 
I thought we would never get beyond that. 
The next morning’s coffee bittered as if exposed
to air too long and even the cream wasn’t enough
to settle me. Then sugar dumped from a big spoon,
and more sugar from the same spoon, same mug.
It was not the same as getting through this. 
One minute of sweetness at the bottom. After 
in the morning joe. One at a time. 

Tricia Knoll is busy writing letters to Republican Senators about why they should vote to impeach. The fear on insurrection day was built on lies.