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Wednesday, January 05, 2022


by Gordon Gilbert

wild geese, Hudson River Park, NYC

the same earth that buries the dead 
nourishes new life coming forth from that same soil 
the same air through which the dead leaves fall 
lifts the wings of those who call it home
the same water that overwhelms in sudden storms 
and drowns those who can't escape to higher ground 
gives life and shelter to aquatic beings 
and is from whence we came and still we need
the same fire that destroys all in its path 
we harness for our purposes and progress 
destruction and creation, condemnation, resurrection 
but alternatives among a multitude 
coexistent in a four dimensional realm 
in one of a multiplex of universes 
the one that we inhabit
we are no different from that from which we came 
neither truly good nor evil in our nature 
we are but the natural progression and expression 
of a larger whole with this exception:  
we self-conceive and give that self expression 
now here we are again the same side of the sun  
this moment that we choose to call a "new" year 
a starting line across the oval track our planet travels 
artificially designated, of recent origin 
not that once chosen by
hunters, gatherers, herders and farmers 
in many lands, in many other eras 
we have come so far we tell ourselves 
but we have gone so far from where we were 
and we are lost now to the earth that birthed us 
before it is too late, we must return, reclaim
who and what we truly are 
we must be born again 

Gordon Gilbert is a long-time resident of the West Village in NYC who has found solace and inspiration for the past two years in his walks along the Hudson River, photographing and writing about the wildlife, flora and river traffic during the pandemic as the seasons changed.