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Monday, January 22, 2007


by Anne G. Davies

Republican prospects look much less rosy
Under the reign of Speaker Pelosi.
She's moved to raise the minimum wage
A concept inspiring corporate rage.
Stem cell support? she wants to unlock it,
Though Bush has sewn up the federal pocket.

What about defunding the war in Iraq?
Democrats are unlikely to take that tack.
Let's hope they include the war in the budget
Instead of letting the GOP fudge it
By hiding its humongous spending
Off the books in deceit unending.

She might raise taxes on capital gains
To relieve our growing deficit pains
And remind the wealthiest one percent
That their glory days may soon be spent.
And another move to clean up the works:
Choke off lobbyists bearing perks.

Democrats want true investigation
Of how we got this Iraq fixation
And whether the Surge can turn the tide
Or cause more deaths than we can abide.

May Pelosi cause extreme anxieties
As she blasts away at Republican pieties.
This is the congress for which we prayed;
Let's see what they accomplish, unDelayed.

Anne G. Davies is a fund-raising writer by profession and a writer and versifier by avocation. Her work has been published on local and regional papers. She lives in Lexington, Massachusetts.