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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


by Charles Frederickson

Bullyrag justifications fail to convince
Them versus US delusions shattered
Ever deepening chasms impetuously hell-bent
Shaky foundation trench mortar cave-ins

Battle lines drawn in quicksand
Sunken head muckamucks disown lies
Broken hourglass shards barefoot splinters
Shifting dunes burying overblown ruse

Americans more exposed than ever
Stationary targets for uncivil warmongers
Shiites battling Sunnis elsewhere insurgents
Splattered guts juicy squeeze play

Caught between hard-boiled rotten eggs
Scrambled yolks whites trading places
Chickens misbegotten sunny side crossovers
Shell-shocked poultry tried retried again

Trigger unhappy pot shot snipers
Taking aim at spacey invaders
Ragtag militias rocket propelled grenades
Nothing smart about cluster bombs

Mea culpability runneth over faults
Seismic vibrations quaking immovable forces
Refusing to listen learn love
Crimes against humanity guilty verdict

Dr. Charles Frederickson is a Swedish-American-Thai pragmatic optimist, idealistic visionary and heretical believer who has wandered intrepidly through 206 countries, an original sketch and poem for each presented on This maverick e-gadfly is a member of World Poets Society, based in Greece, with 200+ poetry publication credits on 6 continents, such as: angelfire, Ascent Aspirations, Auckland Poetry, bc supernet, Blind Man’s Rainbow, Both Sides Now, Caveat Lector, Cordite Poetry Review, Dance to Death, Decanto, Eclipse, Flutter Magazine, Greatworks, Green Dove, Indite Circle, International Poet, Listen & Be Heard, Living Poets, Madpoetry, Melange, Newtopia, Planet Authority, Poetisphere, Poetry Canada, Poetry of Scotland, Poetry Stop, Poets for Peace, Poetry Superhighway, Pyramid, Sage of Consciousness, Stellar Showcase, Subtle Tea, Sz, The Smoking Poet, T-zero, Ya’Sou! Ygdrasil, Zafusy.