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Sunday, December 23, 2007


poeArtry by Charles Frederickson

WHO keeps sidestepping moral values
     Life is like double-faced tape
          Masking flexible sticky side transparency
               Adhesive strength binding the universe
                    Holding our global village together

WHAT is the right-minded side
     Every street has two sides
          The sunny and the shady
               Dark side gloomy pessimistic murkiness
                    Bright side hopeful optimistic liberation

WHEN will all sides converge
     Getting people to like you
          Show & tell you like them
               Rank insiders are neither better
                    Nor worse than rank outsiders

WHERE has sunny-side brightness gone
     Humor and pathos act side-by-side
          Life begins on the other
               Side of despair tranquilizing laughter
                    Cure-all panacea without side effects

WHY are we taking sides
     The flipside of fear is
          Freedom tails hate heads love
               Coined indifference landing on edge
                    Boredom and fascination reversible dichotomies

HOW come they’ve sideswiped Peace
     Remember that the reverse side
          Also has a reverse side
               Lined with justified good/bad intentions
                    Holey pockets turned outside in

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