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Saturday, September 28, 2013


by The Bangkok Bards 
Saknarin Chinayote & Charles Frederickson

Nothing in nature is constant
Habitats ever-changing dense woodlands overgrown
Shading out caterpillar-dependent herbivorous plants
Heartlands afire deserts toughen parch

All humanimal species including butterflies
Emerge genetically programmed leaving homespun
Cocoon dispersion exploring ephemeral Newfoundland
Windswept transitions diverting obstacle course

Seasonal migratory sun compass evolution
Following vitality source riverbed path
Internal time-compensated cyclical rhythms
Circadian clock built into antennae

We’re all descended from immigrants
Pilgrimage sentimental journey without maps
Mass movement penniless not cultureless
Synthesized traditions unwelcome only tolerated

Cast into giant meltdown cauldron
Forced to assimilate own alienation
Borderline disoriented outsiders belonging nowhere
Starved souls hungry for certainty

Estrangers created unequal labeled illegal
Fleeing past escaping oppressive lethargy
Cherishing those who matter most
Understanding family friends being understood

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