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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Volume Six

by Bill Costley

Book LXI: CHENEY Sprechstimms Uberloudly

“Gifs me some Menschen, who are
stout-hearted Menschen, who vill
kampf for the Rechts they A-dolf…”
CHENEY sprechstimms uberloudly
in the shower, “My hog’s a burning log,
burning thru the fog, of the Demoncrastic
dogs I abhor. My cod is a rod I will slap
across their backs until they crack, Jack!”
CHENEY joyously lathers up his scrotum,
singing: “My nuts will drive them…nuts!”

Book LXII: "We R-moving foRw@Rd, " CHENEY Hums

"We R-moving 4Rw@Rd, " CHENEY hums.
"We R-moving 4Rw@Rd 2Praetoria, 2, 2, 2,
2Praetoria, 2Praetoria, we, Praetorians, We!"
His sneering smile breaks open, 2, 2widely
across @ shadowed shaving mirror on his lap
in his camotent in the (unspecified) desert as
he pursues the shadowly elusive Bin-ladenisti,
his uniform, originally grey, now dusty-tan, his
the crusade of @ M@n @mong Menschen,
Menschen who cannot-B forever dev@ded.

Book LXIII: CHENEY Upchuckles As Scooter Lies

CHENEY upchuckles as Scooter lies, doggo,
listening to the media all rushing in, a w@ve
of mee2ismo: Everybody’s ‘got it’ that no-
body told’m but R. (Dick) ‘b@ldy’ Armit@ge,
Melvin L@ird’s middle-aged bastard spawn.
“The plot thickens,” CHENEY mocks, war's
a dead-cert. over deadly, nucle@r Ir@n, Pres.
Ahmadinejad denying all restaged evidence.
“I love this shit,” snurs CHENEY, in the w@r-
room, sc@nning ch@nnels simult@neously…

Book LXIX: CHENEY OK After Afghan Bl@st

from reportage by
Associated Press

BAGRAM, Afghanistan –

2 hours after the blast,
CHENEY left for Kabul to meet Karzai
& other officials, then left Afghanistan.

CHENEY’d spent the night at Bagram,
ate breakfast with the troops, & met with Maj.
Gen. David Rodriguez, commander of U.S. troops in

CHENEY was preparing to leave for a meeting with Karzai
when the suicide bomber struck ~10 a.m., sending up
a plume of smoke visible to reporters accompanying
CHENEY. "I heard a loud boom,"

CHENEY told reporters. "The
Secret Service came in & told me there had been an
attack on the main gate."

CHENEY said he was moved "for a brief period of time"
to a bomb shelter on the base near his quarters. "As
the situation settled down & they had a better sense
of what was going on, I went back to my room,"

CHENY added, "I think the Taliban clearly try
to find ways to question the authority of the central
government. Striking at Bagram with a suicide bomber,
I suppose, is one way to do that, but it shouldn't
affect our behavior at all."

Rodriguez said the explosion wasn’t a threat to
CHENEY. "He wasn't near the site of the
explosion. He was safely within the base
at the time of the explosion."

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi said
CHENEY was the target of the attack
by Mullah Abdul Rahim of Logar province.
"We knew that Dick
CHENEY would be staying inside the base,"
Ahmadi told AP by telephone from an undisclosed location.
"The attacker was trying to reach

Book LXX: Time-stepping…CHENEY

Time-stepping his R-foot, CHENEY
knows he’s been subverted, just like
Nixon, by phlebitis, w/a serious risk
of pulmonary embolism. “But I’m 2X
the man that Nixon ever was! I’m
2X-as-wide & 2X-as-heavy. Cheez-it!
How can a tiny bloodclot subvert me?”
his time-step accelerating to a stamp
risking the bloodclot’s disengagement
w/each bootfall walking closer to it.

Book LXXI: Libby Guilty of Obstruction, Perjury, Lying


from reportage by

In a written statement, CHENEY
called the verdict disappointing & said
he was saddened for Libby & his family, too.
"As I have said before, Scooter has served
our nation tirelessly & with great distinction
through many years of public service."

Wilson, whose wife left the CIA after she was exposed,
said, "Convicting him of perjury was like convicting
Al Capone of tax evasion or Alger Hiss of perjury.
It doesn't mean they were not guilty of other crimes."

Libby was convicted of 1 count of obstruction of justice,
2 counts of perjury to the grand jury
& 1 count of lying to the FBI
about how he learned Plame's identity & whom he told.

Libby learned about Plame from CHENEY in June 2003
about a month after Wilson's allegations were 1st published,
w/out his name, by NYTimes columnist Nicholas Kristof.


CHENEY ye@rns for the land of the Wyomen,
far from the fractious District & Beltway:
where his kind nobly ride purebred stallions
over untaxed acres of high desert, freedom
visible at every turn of happy, neoprene head.
CHENEY knows he’ll soon be returning to join
his natural sub-species of super-uber-human:
designated inheritors of his secret labors
furiously converting a nation to a country
open only to those who can deconstruct it.

(to be continued)

Bill Costley serves on the Steering Committee of the San Francisco chapter of the National Writers Union.