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Monday, February 19, 2007


by Nan Bendix


In Year 3 the Romans are on the National Curriculum.
In her book bag a mis-shapen mosaic; a cardboard sandal
cut to fit; a creased colour copy of a cartoon gladiator’s pit.
The Emperor’s thumb up or thumb down
more shocking to her than X-Factor, a hatful of maggots or
a villain pulled from one hole, dropped into another
for our viewing pleasure.


I wrote a poem about the news.
Wrote it, then cut out the excessive bits.
The trap-door, the rope, the plane
going into the building, the vengeance,
the neck broken.
I was left with something cool.
Quite sweet. Palatable, without my disgust,
my ignorant anger.

Nan Bendix lives in South London, where she grew up. She has a BA in English & Film, and a MA in English Literature. She has also lived in Brighton, Paris and New York. She currently works in a library in central London.