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Friday, February 02, 2007


by Ngoma

(all resemblances to Bill Clinton are merely coincidental)

the last time i saw
Bubba polar bear he was
dippin down one two five street
stickin' up soul food joints for fish
saying the isht was too hot
in Alaska and the ice bergs was beatdown
from the global meltdown
and there was no fish around
Bubba be on blast bout how he got treated bad due to the color of the
skin he's in
cause polar bears be BLACK
matter of fact
and global warming be
EnvironmentaL Racism
Don't be fooled by the white hair baby
it's really translucent and it's only hair
after all a brother gotta have
warm gear to survive antartica
so Bubba arrived at the world famous apollo just in time to see the
godfather of soul
ride up out of here 23 karats and 2 white horses deep
try'nta one up jesus on cashmas day

See Bubba was'nt your average bear
he was rocking sun shades and plays saxaphone
claims he listens to Democracy Now on line and Afrikaleidoscope
now he can't sleep had trouble hibernating after the realization
of all the B.S going down so he's spreading the word that
Sundiata Acoli, Herman Bell, Bashir Hameed -
Russell Shoats, the MOVE 9, Abdul Majid,
Mumia Abu-Jamal, Sekou Odinga, Mutulu Shakur
the state won't admit that there are over 150 more political
and P.O.W's in this yet to be united states with the largest prison
population of the so-called civilized world - but Hey - that's another

Bubba sez - we be blinded w/blood diamonds in your eyes - Bling Bling
bio-pirates and culture bandits come from the same tree
making profit from poverty
so he's seeking reparations for intellectual property
sueing for stolen images
cause the penguins told him
they did'nt come to tap dance
they're suing for defamation of character
they'll soon be part of the homeless and the dispossed
See - these days Polar bears be scared to pawn their coats
due to killer kops and 50 shots
Even Polar Bears can see that Sean Bell was just trying to mind his
own business
can I get a witness
but it's open season in this environment
so Queens , Elm City and Dodge City
looks the same as Baghdad
and bad karma drips like blood
but the home of Winchester was right down the street
so maybe you should shoot your TV for lying

so Bubba says- umm psssst pssst peep this, I aint tryn'ta start no
trouble but
Saddam had impecabble teeth
rumor has it that Mrs. Hussein and Saddam's 7 mistresses
claims the cell phone footage you witnessed
was the hanging of one of his doubles
and Saddam,Biggie and Tupac be hanging out in Mexico
controlling the scag market from afghanistan
next the real chemical warfare be
coming to a corner in your neighborhood
in the new ghetto of your suburbs
where while you were out shopping
babies died from toxic waste in shanty towns around the world
and auditory polution invades your ear drums
as record companies give contracts to keep the N word alive
cause hip hop was killed by the jiggaz that
sold us out
and now education is no longer popular
in a land where we're shacked with student loans
yet in Cuba - education is free
check the dichotomy in this economy
where the only job opportunity may be to be
all they tell you to be
so - turn off your TV
Tell your children don't sign up for war
soon the dispossessed
w/be sitting on your doorstep

Ngoma is a performance poet, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and paradigm shifter, who for over 40 years has used culture as a tool to raise sociopolitical and spiritual consciousness through work that encourages critical thought. A former member of the Spirit House Movers and Players with Amiri Baraka and the Contemporary Freedom Song Duo Serious Bizness, Ngoma was the Prop Slam winner of the 1997 National Poetry Slam Competition in Middletown, CT and has been published in African Voices Magazine, Long Shot Anthology, The Underwood Review, Signifyin' Harlem Review, Bum Rush the Page and Poems on the Road to Peace. Ngoma has hosted the slam at the Dr. Martin Luther King Festival of Social and Environmental Justice Festival at Yale for the past 11 years. His CDs Ngoma: Alive and In Your Face from NYC, Didgitation: Solo Didgeridoo Musik for Meditation, and Ancient Future Meditational Musik are now joined by his newest CD Reflections (1964 -2006), a collection of music and poetry that pays tribute to some of the activist and cultural workers whose shining example served as a beacon for Ngoma's work as an artist. For more info, go to