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Monday, February 26, 2007


by D'Lo

The streets of downtown burn,
hot roads walked upon
soles of old nikes keep callus peds covered
but skin tightens here.
It is hell and young souls don’t belong here.

Eyebrows frown in this heat,
as if sheltering retina like awnings.
Sun makes brown skin shine back like mirrors.
Grey eyes are child’s.
Reflections of innocent souls.

Glass tips for toast
another life goes
whispering its departure
in mist
ascending to the heavens,
Some souls weren’t meant for this life.
Not an accident they spent time here,
just sent down to investigate
to witness the lay of the land.
They were told,
‘this is what you’re dealing with.’
Come again, they must
Be leaders here-

Medicated, those left here
I, the observer, beg them no
beg them
to fight
for their life

There’s a fuckin war going on.
Please awaken.
Put down the blunt.
Smoke it in a pipe.
Keep your third eye open.
It’s yours to
Eyes from closing.

I understand nothing, but expect the world
from the world.

Hand woven threads kiss skin constantly
with reminding hellos
my love my dear my love
you are taken care of
good day
good night sweet dreams

While sleeping,
armor must erase fatigue…
Get out of other countries if you are there to fight.
Come back home, I support you
To fight for yourself.

My brothers and sisters are sick
spreading infections to one another
Wipe down
Breathe 2 survival breaths
Hand over someone else’s heart
Get them.
Don’t call 9-1-1
Mouth to mouth
Has been the only thing that works.

Madre Tierra,
you speak to my stupidity
No one wants to listen
I still do not.
No excuses
I’ve lost my mother tongue.

Praying for clouds to lift
To set adrift on concrete
Praying for bravery
Against ourselves
Praying for dreams to stir the sedated
For visions to give the future hindsight
For love to be the root
For the tree to be the proof
Pray for it to be done in silence
Cuz loudness did not get us far at all.

Dedicated to Rene and Raul Salinas of Resistencia and Red Salmon Arts, Austin , TX .

“A jolt of comedic and creative energy”, D'Lo is a Tamil Sri Lankan-American, political theatre artist/writer and music producer, currently causing the most trouble in Los Angeles . In addition to a B.A. in ethnomusicology from UCLA, she trained in NYC in sound engineering. D'Lo's career work has included working as a teaching artist, establishing herself as both a solo and collaborative performer internationally, and being published in various magazines/anthologies. In 2004, D'Lo also had a sold-out NYC run of her first queer hip hop theater play Ballin With My Bois. Currently, she touring with Ramble-Ations: a One D'Lo Show.